The British Property Awards mission is to highlight and reward excellence within the UK residential property sector at a local level. They consider a broad spectrum of criteria during the judging process, criteria which often goes unseen by clients, taking a purposeful step away from the traditional model of merely relying on client reviews from successful sales. In total they judge agencies against a set of 25 criteria, with each criteria being weighed differently. They provide the most comprehensive awards in the sector.

The British Property Awards team of experts painstakingly judge all agencies which meet a basic criteria within a given town, before judging which agency has performed outstandingly. If there are no agencies within a given town who meet the minimum threshold then they do not attribute an award for said town.

The awards are judged on a local level to provide members of the public an oversight of their local market. Another core belief is the need for substantial market inclusion, the most deserving agencies may not be commended if they do not enter other awards, thus less deserving agencies could be then awarded. The British Property Awards aims to tackle these issues, providing a more useful award for both estate agents and consumers alike.